USGS MODFLOW Source and Visual Studio Solutions

The following downloads are provided to help MODFLOW users quickly compile and modify MODFLOW (compared to downloading from the USGS and configuring the compilation process). The end user must have Microsoft Visual 2010 and Intel Visual Fortran 2011 installed to open the solution and compile MODFLOW. Each zip file below contains both the USGS source for the particular version of MODFLOW as well as a Visual Studio 2010 solution. Simply unzip (or extract) the archive, open the visual studio solution, and compile the code. You should be up and running in minutes.
- USGS Software Notice

Current Versions (.zip download)

Old Versions (.zip download)

Aquaveo MODFLOW Source Code and Visual Studio Solutions

Custom versions of MODFLOW are distributed with Aquaveo software products Groundwater Modeling System (GMS) and Arc Hydro Groundwater (AHGW). An explanation of the features and changes in these custom versions can be found here. MODFLOW users can compile and modify these versions of MODFLOW and replace the versions of MODFLOW distributed with GMS and AHGW. Thus, if custom modifications to MODFLOW are necessary for a particular project then there will be no problem in using GMS or AHGW to create and edit the MODFLOW simulation and then run a custom version of MODFLOW on those simulations. These downloads also require Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Intel Visual Fortran 2011.
- Aquaveo Software Notice

Current Versions (.zip download)
↓  Aquaveo MODFLOW-USG↓  Aquaveo MODFLOW-LGR↓  Aquaveo MODFLOW-NWT↓  Aquaveo MODFLOW-2005

Old Versions (.zip download)
↓  Aquaveo MODFLOW-2000